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Apr 9, 2014

Our New Passive Solar Green House under construction

We have been wanting a green house here on our homestead for years so we decided that this was the time to go forward with it... and it coming along very quickly.. My Hubby is building it all by himself and with a little help from me.... which is me handing him boards and such... This  green house will be the new center piece of our self sufficient lifestyle, providing us with a place to grow rabbits, mushrooms, veggies, and herbs. It will contain a shed that will also provide us with a new heated milking room and a processing kitchen on one side to process vegetables, for canning and cheese making. . This green house will not need additional heat throughout the winter and will provide it's own heat and it's own electricity via solar panels. If you would like to see more updates on our green house (I am slow about updating my blog) facebook seems easier... here is a link to my page on facebook...

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